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Dealing with past and present issues in counselling


Individual counselling can assist people to deal with current and past issues and to understand, integrate and gain perspective on their lives in order to move forward.

The Richards Trauma Process

Unresolved Childhood Trauma is one the main factors behind all symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, hypervigiliance and maladaptive coping skills.  When these experiences are resolved through the Richards Trauma Process, then people are able to get on with their lives, their symptoms disappear, and they create the life that they chose, not set up by unconscious maladaptive core beliefs.  The Richards Trauma Process uses the power of the imagination to resolve past traumatic events, and process them into the memory bank, rather than sitting in the unconscious and setting up our lives.  This is a life changing process.  3 x 2.5 hour sessions.  


Safe and Supportive Environment


Jenn Apps provides a safe, confidential and supportive environment where you can open up and share your thoughts, feelings and experiences about what is concerning you in your life, work, family, personally, and in your intimate relationships. It's not just about talking and listening, but also understanding what is going on, and finding practical and new solutions to address and deal with issues and concerns.


Confidentiality is limited if there are issues of danger for yourself or members of your family


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