Men's Counselling

Men’s Counselling is a very important part of my work. 

Men’s experiences and feelings are valid and important and men

take very seriously their roles as partners, parents and providers in families

The issues that impact on men are sometimes different to that of women.  Men are conditioned to be strong, resilient, to provide answers, to solve problems and to do so without difficulties.  This conditioning can become apparent when they are partners and parents as these relationships are inevitably not always straight forward.

Men and Depression

Men can become depressed, anxious and have the same issues and feelings that face any human being, but are less likely to seek assitance when this occurs as culturally this may mean they have failed.  I have a great deal of respect for the men I have worked with and I continue to walk beside men in the counselling work as they explore the issues that impact on them.

Practical Counselling

Goal setting, motivation, problem solving as parents and partners; communication skills; managing strong emotions; separation and divorce issues, step parenting and  becoming the man you want to be are some of the issues Jenn has assisted men with in counselling.