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Family Counselling

Family Counselling includes many members of the family in the therapy

Rather than just seeing the person with the problem; family counselling views the problem from a whole family perspective.  Often this means that there are things going on in the structure of the family that have played a part in creating the problem.

The identified ‘person with the problem’ is often a symptom of the bigger family issues.

Family counselling can be extrememly powerful and effective and has long term benefits

As the Counsellor I work towards providing a safe place for exploration, understanding, growth and change to happen within the family.  Often the family is seen with different people in the system ie. parents; siblings; parents and children; individuals and extended family may also be included.

Step and blended families

Family Counselling can be very effective when working with newly formed families: for example step families and blended families and all the difficulties and confusion that can emerge at these times.

Separation and divorce

Family Counselling can also be beneficial for when there are issues around separation; divorce; access arrangements and other concerns families face at these times. Jenn works with families across the Geelong and Barwon Region.

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